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Apparel, Tool Kits, Gifts & REsources for cultivating your spirituality, mental health & addiction REcovery

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Re;BOX: Toolkits & gifts for faith reconnection, mental health restoration, & addiction recovery.

AA Hope T Shirt

faith FACtORY ↠  is a premium graphic apparel shop with sustainable up-leveled basics that radiate with collective wisdom.  

Assortment of Books


Wisdom I find supportive & a community to connect with.

Faith FACtORY is a recovery-inspired premium apparel company for Higher Powered living. Designed to connect cross-cultural wisdom with addiction awareness, shift perspectives, and allow authentic souls to awaken.  A clothing brand within a lifestyle designed for generations of awakening souls looking to express their spiritual process with high vibes, grounded in gratitude, while cultivating others to build their own inner “faith FACtORY”’s.


What's the Re;ASON ?

Sometimes we find ourselves or someone we care about in need of a fresh start along the journey.  A chance to be Re;connected, Re;stored, Re;freshed, Re;discovered or Re;covered... in order to become Re;juvinated, Re;lentless, Re;sponsible & Re;markable!


sobriety kit

Whatever your Re happens to be, we all have 'em and we all need some help getting through them.  That's where your Re;Box comes in!

A faith FACtORY lives inside each of us... Awaken yours here!


We all have a journey, a way of seeking and pursuing for something to bring meaning to our lives.  Visit the "Pieces of My Path" blog page for stories about my personal faith awakening & recovery.

Details on the apparel, products, and tools I source & the Re;sources I find supportive!

Reading Glasses on Book
faith FACtORY community

Share your own journey and join with others to see how they are seeking and cultivating their faith FACtORY's for deeper spirituality, connection, wisdom & addiction recovery.

"Faith, the confidence in things unseen, the fundamental goodness and purpose of the Universe. Obedience, that is, living according to our faith, living each day with gratitude, humility, honesty, purity, unselfishness and love. Faith and obedience, these two, will give us all the strength we need."
~ Twenty-Four Hours a Day
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