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These beaded bracelets are from smooth, polished, high quality stones, made with genuine gemstones


Gemstones : Amethyst, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Green Aventurine, Yellow Aventurine, Orange Aventurine, Red Jasper


Together, these crystals create a harmonious flow of energy, fostering well-being, self-expression, and a deeper connection to the body, mind, and spirit through the Chakra system.


-Amethyst resonates with the Crown Chakra, elevating spiritual awareness.

-Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli support the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, enhancing intuition and communication.

-Green Aventurine nourishes the Heart Chakra

-Yellow Aventurine empowers the Solar Plexus

-Orange Aventurine energizes the Sacral Chakra

-Red Jasper grounds the Root Chakra.

Crystal Bracelet | 7 Chakra Bracelet

    • Durable and Flexible.
    • Beads Size : 8mm
    • Wrist Size : 7-7.5 inches.
    • Made in India
    • Ethically sourced
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