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One of the best sobriety sayings and slogans... First Things First!


Show the community in recovery from drugs and alcohol the appreciation and respect they deserve with Sober Soaps!


Our vegan oils and natural, skin-soothing scents make for a unique bar of soap with a rustic look and great lather. Each bar has its own special character, color, and texture, and its unique packaging carries celebratory wishes and a special message—a powerful reminder of the progress made and the journey still left ahead.


Celebrate your hard-fought sobriety milestones with a meaningful gift from Sober Soaps today!

First Things First | Sobriety Soaps

  • Made with vegan oils, each bar has a unique character including color, scent, and texture. They have a rustic look! This bar has a great lather and won’t leave your skin feeling dry.

    Citrus: Lightly scented citrus with hints of sparkling bergamot.

    Woodsy:  Lightly scented with an athletic-earthy scent.  You may even detect a hint of citrus.

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