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Green Jasper Crystal Necklace


Add a unique look to any outfit with this handmade crystal necklace. This stone holds a powerful energy to guide you through your day and give you the healing energy you need. 

Green Jasper | Handmade Healing Crystal Necklace

SKU: CN001
    • Individually crafted
    • Intricate wire wrapping
    • Leather cord 18" in length
    • Features Green Jasper Crystal- Approx 1.5"x1"
  • Green Jasper is considered by many to be the most balanced type of Jasper, connecting you with the earth, water and nature.

    This stone is a powerful tool for healing strong emotional problems such as a lack of impulse control, paranoid delusions and obsessive behavior and thoughts. It is also used to help with sleep issues like insomnia and nightmares.

    A potent tool for restoring and maintaining emotional health.

    Brings about a sense of emotional balance and serenity.

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