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✦1 - 2 inch Live Air Plant

✦1 - 2 inch Crystal ↠ Crytal will be either an amethyst, aventurine, clear quartz, rose quartz, or chrysocolla. Air plants are adhered to the crystal.

✦Crystal Meaning Card

✦Detailed Plant Care Instructions... Just as what we see in nature varies, you will see some slight variations in sizes, colors, and shapes of air plants and crystals.

✦Packaging materials + product tags/cards are made from recycled materials!


Air Plant Crystals | Real & Live

SKU: 5024
  • ✦Mist air plant thoroughly or dunk in water 1-2x per week

    ✦Dry in a place with airflow

    ✦Air plants like bright indirect sunlight or bright indoor lighting [COLD/ HOT WEATHER SHIPPING] Bring your live plants indoors immediately after they arrive, especially in more extreme temperatures

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