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  • Always remember to carry positive principles in your heart and spirit. The embroidered design features the words Truth, Bravery, Resilience, Empathy, and Compassion Principles that make up a mantra to live by. 
  • The inspiring message of this pillow reminds everyone that their own personal values have the power to change their lives and the world by inspiring them to act on their own potential for good.

Positive Principles Pillow | Embroidered Ramie Eco-Friendly Fabric

SKU: 504
    • 95% Ramie 5% Cotton
    • Embroidered throw pillow
    • Insert included with zipper closure
    • 18"x18"
    • Designed by Elizabeth Olwen.
  • {Ramie} is an eco-friendly fabric and the highly sustainable fiber is an alternative to synthetic fabrics. It is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria, as well as light damage and rot, and insect attacks. It can be healthily grown without any pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals.

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