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Choose from 100's of useful, thoughtful tools to create a Re;Box with the most meaningful, personal gifts for anyone, yourself included!

sobriety toolbox
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The tools are uniquely crafted from around the world & I top off each Re;Box with your own personal message, hand-written by me!

handwritten card
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I take your masterpiece, pack it to perfection & send it straight to their doorstep (or yours)! Ship your Re;Box to a home, hospital, treatment facility, sober living or shelter... I'll help you get it to them, wherever they may be!

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i handle the rest!
RE;Box Tool
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sobriety kit

Sometimes we find ourselves or someone we care about in need of a fresh start along the journey.  A chance to be Re;connected, Re;stored, Re;freshed, Re;discovered or Re;covered... in order to become more Re;lentless, Re;sponsible & Re;markable.


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Whatever your Re happens to be, we all have 'em and we all need some help getting through them.  And that's where your Re;Box comes in!


UNIQUELY USEFUL "tool kits" for faith rE;connection, mental health rE;storation, & addiction rE;covery


So what's with the "Re" ?

Re is an English preposition in use since at least the 18th century and it means “in the matter of, with reference to.”

And what about the " ; "

THe ; is now a universal symbol for mental health thanks to project semicolon. In a literary sense, the semicolon represents a decision by an author to continue a sentence, rather than ending it. In life, it symbolizes a choice to keep going rather than stop!

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