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As I curated the tools and gifts for Faith Factory, I ensured that I prioritized the same level of honor, value, and respect that I hold in my own life when it comes to spiritual reconnection, mental health restoration, and addiction recovery. In the section that follows, I have provided transparent information on all the apparel, products, and tools I have sourced, as well as the resources that I find helpful.sourced, as well as the resources that I find helpful.


In addition to the physical tools useful along the way, I know how important the help of others and their wisdom is.  Here you will find the resources of others that have helped redirect me when I was lost and awakened me to rediscover new perspectives. 


Apparel Sourcing

The finest cottons, bamboo and recycled eco-conscious fabrics are thoughtfully selected for premium quality, sustainability & responsible production practices.

Cotton Threads
Image by Kelly Sikkema

About our Gift Suppliers

Hey there! My name is Elizabeth and I'm so excited to share with you all the amazing gifts that have been hand-picked for the shop. I'm a recovering alcoholic and used to be a resident in mental health and addiction recovery centers, so I know firsthand how important having the right tools can be. All the items I've picked are either things that have helped me along my journey, new products that I just had to include for you, or highly recommended items from my friends, family, and fellowship. I hope you find something that speaks to you!

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