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When I began choosing the "tools" & Gifts for faith FACtORY &  Re;Box it was important to take as much honor, value, and respect in them as I do in my personal life of spiritual re;connection, mental health re;storation & addiction re;covery. 
↠ Below you will find transparent details on all the apparel, products, and tools I source & the re;sources i find supportive!


In addition to the physical tools useful along the way, I know how important the help of others and their wisdom is.  Here you will find the resources of others that have helped redirect me when I was lost and awakened me to rediscover new perspectives. 


Apparel Sourcing

The finest cottons, bamboo and recycled eco-conscious fabrics are thoughtfully selected for premium quality, sustainability & responsible production practices.

Cotton Threads
Image by Kelly Sikkema

ToolKit Suppliers

All supplies for the Tool Kits have been chosen by me (Elizabeth)... I am a grateful recovering alcoholic, former resident of mental health - addiction recovery centers & self proclaimed faith gypsy. 

The tools I have picked are useful to me in my own Re;Box, something new I just had to include for you or something that has been highly recommended to me by my friends, family & fellowship!

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