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Clothing & Apparel

Collage of some of out apparel
Image by Omar Lopez

When you slip on a “faith FACtORY” tee you immediately feel different… like something inside is awakening. From the feel of the comforting softness to the warming of your heart, you know that what you’re wearing is not only good for your Soul but good for Earth too.
As your inside “FACtORY” continues production you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and your Soul is gently reminded of its journey… From those brave eyes staring back at you, you feel strengthened respect for yourself.
When you step out into your day you feel new energy around you… People are smiling and noticing you, the world feels a little gentler and kind. Perhaps you even get a nod or comment on the message you’re sharing from your perfect fit tee and high vibe energy.
And then the magic happens! The people passing you by actually feel & see your beautiful Energy... From you, their Soul is lit and their “faith FACtORY” starts its production.
See, you can feel good just by getting dressed today, even when sometimes that feels like all we can do. With your apparel from “faith FACtORY” you are contributing to raising the vibration of the collective consciousness and helping others do the same!

Image by Chris Curry