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Show your support for sobriety and recovery with our "All The Cool Kids Are Staying Sober" sticker.


This fun and playful sticker is perfect for anyone who is embracing a sober lifestyle or supporting a friend or family member in their recovery journey. The bright and bold design is sure to catch attention and spread a positive message about the benefits of staying sober.


Serves as a constant reminder of the strength and courage it takes to maintain sobriety. Whether you're in recovery yourself or showing support for someone else, this sticker is a stylish way to promote positivity and self-care.

All The Cool Kids Are Staying Sober Sticker

SKU: STI-0013
  • - Text: all the cool kids are staying sober
    - Material: vinyl
    - Dimensions: approximately 3in at its longest measurement
    - Cut: die cut
    - Finish: matte
    - Waterproof + scratch resistant 
    - Back split/crack and peel to simplify installation

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