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🌸⏰Introducing the "BRB Having A Menty B" sticker, the perfect way to remind yourself to take a mental break and practice self-care!


🌸⏰This fun and vibrant sticker is designed to promote relaxation and calmness during those hectic, busy, and overwhelming days. Stick it on your water bottle, laptop, or journal to serve as a visual cue to take a moment to breathe and unwind.


🌸⏰Whether you need to calm down, relax, or just give your brain a break, the "BRB Having A Menty B" sticker is a great way to encourage mindfulness and mental wellness. Add it to your collection of stickers and self-care items or gift it to a friend who could use a little extra reminder to prioritize their mental health.

BRB Having a Menty B Sticker

SKU: STI-0035
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