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🌈🔆Introducing the Evolve Dual-Tip Highlighters, the perfect addition to any creative stationary collection. These highlighters come in bright and vibrant pink and blue hues, perfect for adding a pop of color to your notes, planners, and art projects.


🌈🔆With a thin point on one end and a thicker chisel tip on the other, these highlighters are versatile for everything from precision highlighting to broad strokes of color. Whether you're a student, artist, or just love adding a touch of creativity to your everyday tasks, these Evolve Dual-Tip Highlighters are sure to become a favorite in your collection.


🌈🔆Upgrade your stationary game and add a little flair to your work with these colorful and functional highlighters.

Evolve Dual-Tip Highlighters

SKU: 282859
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