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Early in our recovery journey, we focused on healing. Further along in the process of recovering, we dare to believe it's possible to embark on a new chapter, but often feel stuck. At times, we do we create the breakthroughs we want?


With a mindfulness practice--meditation and other habits of awareness--we develop the courage to look within. As we hold space for ourselves, we find the light within that can spark change, personal growth, and self-compassion.


Beverly Conyers gives us an approachable mindfulness book with carefully designed reflections and practices that set us on a path forward. Her insight guides our way whether recovering from unhealthy relationships, addictions of all types, compulsive habits, anxiety and stress, workaholism, disordered eating, or mental health and emotional challenges- whether we follow the Twelve Steps or not.

Find Your Light- Practicing Mindfulness in Recovery

SKU: 3591
    • Published in 2020
    • Author- Beverly Conyers
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