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Throughout our recovery journey, we sometimes feel stuck. At times we wonder, how do we create the breakthroughs we want?


Well look no further, because this guided journal has crafted 52 activities to engage readers on their path to wellness, healing, and wholeness.


Organized into eight distinct topics- each exploring themes that are key to an effective mindfulness practice. The exercises, meditations, and reflections in this action-oriented mindfulness book were carefully and beautifully designed to set us on a path forward. Work at your own pace, or spend time each week with this journal. Whether we follow the Twelve Steps or not, these practices can help recoveries from unhealthy relationships, addictions of all types, compulsive habits, anxiety and stress, workaholism, disordered eating, or mental health and emotional challenges.

Follow Your Light- Guided Journal

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  • Published in 2020

    About The Author- Discover why Beverly Conyers' books have been a mainstay for support groups over the world and why so many have turned to her insights on family roles in addiction, healing shame, building healthy relationships, establishing boundaries, releasing trauma, focusing on emotional sobriety, as well as acknowledging self-sabotaging behaviors, addictive tendencies, and substance use patterns. As the author of the recovery classic Addict in the Family, she has inspired hope and healing in a way few others have managed to match.

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