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❣️The Happyish Oracle Deck is the perfect tool for those navigating through difficult times.


❤️‍🩹This daily guidance deck features affirmations and messages designed to provide support and encouragement, making it an ideal resource for anyone seeking a little extra positivity in their lives.


💫Whether you're struggling with mental health challenges or simply going through a rough patch, this deck offers gentle reminders that better days are ahead. With its colorful and uplifting imagery, the Happyish Oracle Deck is a wonderful addition to any self-care routine, helping users to find moments of joy and hope amidst the hard stuff. Bring a little happiness into your daily life with this empowering oracle deck.

Happyish Oracle Deck

SKU: 2-02958
  • • Written by Nora McInerny

    • Portfolio-style box with magnetic closure 50 cards, 3.60" x 4.8"

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