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"I AM" Puzzle Pieces. How do you fit in?


🧩 Express your unique journey with our I AM puzzle piece charms. Each charm carries a powerful affirmation, such as 'Worthy', 'Authentic', 'Loved', and 'Grateful', serving as a constant reminder of your personal strength and resilience.


Handcrafted from durable pewter, these charms provide a stylish touch to your everyday ensemble. They can be worn as a chic key chain or a ball chain necklace, promising versatility to suit your style and mood.


The intricate puzzle design symbolizes the various pieces that construct our identities, reminding you of the crucial role every experience plays in your personal growth.


These charms make for a thoughtful gift for friends, family, or yourself. Hold on to these affirmations and wear them close to your heart as you navigate through life's challenges.


- Includes 1 charm with "I Am" printed on one side and chosen affirmation on the opposite side.

I AM WORTHY | Empowerment Puzzle Piece Charm

PriceFrom $9.00
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