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Inner Alchemy is in its essence transformation of the self. The realization of your true self and distilling down what no longer serves your soul. Remember your magic! These cards want to remind you of the infinite power and magic within you.


Key Features:

- Inspirational Affirmations: The cards encourage and strengthen you to live in harmony with your soul.

- Use them for your vision board, in rituals, meditations, or as little reminders

- Carefully designed: Unlike ordinary card decks, we have avoided artificial coatings when choosing the paper. This preserves a natural connection with the cards that can be felt with every touch.

- Paper: Each card is printed on high-quality cardboard with a thickness of about 0.2 mm. The charm of the natural paper is shown in the occasional small irregularities caused by natural paper fibers and thus give each card character.

Inner Alchemy Affirmations Card Deck

    • 12 cards
    • Round cards- 10 cm
    • Embossed with gold foil
    • Linen bag for storage
    • Handmade in Germany
    • Sustainably sourced
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