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🐕‍🦺 Meet Kobe, Rogers Behavioral Health's first resident therapy dog! Kobe celebrated his 3rd birthday on January 23rd, 2024 and has been brininging hope, healing and comfort to his fellow residents at the facility since March of 2023.


🐾 Now that healing doesn't have to stop when you leave Rogers. Thanks to Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation you can now take your very own Kobe Plushie home with you as a souvenior. 100% of the profits go directly to the foundation for the care of Kobe, his handlers and the therapy they provide at Rogers Behavioral Health.


🐕 Get yours today and join the pack!

Kobe Dog Plush

  • Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation is a nonprofit organization on a mission to advance treatment, education, advocacy, and research on behalf of people with mental health or addiction challenges, their families, and the communities we serve.

    ↠ Learn More About the Foundation Here

  • With the title of Experiential Therapy Assistant, Kobe, Rogers’ first four-legged employee, understands that helping people on their journeys to mental health recovery is part of his job description.

    A lovable lab/golden retriever mix, Kobe joined our team in March 2023. He came to us from the Paws with a Cause (PAWS) custom raining facility in Wayland, Michigan.

    Kobe is a “facility dog,” which means he is a working dog specifically trained to help more than one person at facilities like Rogers. Unlike assistance dogs assigned to one person, Kobe is being trained to work with a handler to serve multiple people who need social interaction, recovery motivation, comfort, and/or a feeling of safety.


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