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Introducing the Meditate Me Gift Box – the perfect care package for anyone in recovery from addiction and/or mental health issues. This box is designed to provide physical and emotional comfort, as well as spiritual guidance to anyone on their journey to sobriety.


This unique collection of items is sure to bring light, peace and comfort to anyone battling addiction and mental health issues. It includes

  • a large abalone seashell to symbolize renewal of the spirit,
  • 4 crystals to bring balance "one day at a time",
  • an “If it doesn’t flow let it go” handmade postcard to live by,
  • and a Zen Pinch Me Therapy Dough to evoke your senses,
  • a sage bundle to purify the energy of any space and
  • a palo santo candle to help stay focused and centered on the present. 


The Meditate Me Gift Box provides practical tools for anyone on their road to recovery. This heartfelt, personalized care package helps remind the receiver of their strength and courage, as well as providing a gentle reminder that anything is possible when taking the journey “One Day at a Time.” 


Give the gift of recovery today with the Meditate Me Gift Box and show your friend or loved one that you are there to support them on their journey to sobriety and restoration!



Meditate Me ↠ Gift Box Toolkit

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