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Add a touch of inspiration to your everyday life with our "Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes" sticker.


This sticker serves as a reminder to keep pushing forward, even when things seem stagnant. This perfect mental health sticker is a great daily motivator for anyone struggling with feelings of stagnation or hopelessness.


With its simple yet powerful message, this sticker is a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one who may benefit from a little extra encouragement. Let this sticker serve as a daily reminder to keep striving for positive change in your life.

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes Sticker

SKU: STI-0008
  • - Text: nothing changes if nothing changes
    - Material: vinyl
    - Dimensions: approximately 3in x 1in
    - Cut: die cut
    - Finish: matte
    - Waterproof + scratch resistant 
    - Back split/crack and peel to simplify installation

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