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Indulge in a nostalgic trip down memory lane with RETRO. This charming fruity blend from your childhood will evoke delightful recollections and transport you back in time.


  • Through the gentle pressure of the kneading, Pinch Me provides a purifying release of muscle tension. It naturally creates a redirection of focus from the mind to the hand where the current tension can be squished and released. The soft aromas were individually selected due to their calming effects.


  • Pinch Me Therapy Dough is a holistic stress reduction tool designed for use anytime, anywhere. Our unique formulation is the result of thousands of tests and countless prototypes. And just when we thought we got it right, we tested again just to be certain. Based on our scientific findings and market testing, we found the final product to be the perfect consistency for maximum potential stress reduction. Knowing how to relieve stress has never been so simple, until now. 


  • The process is two-fold. Occupying the hands is a subtle distraction technique to draw attention away from the mind. This is especially useful during times of stress. 


  • Add to that, the act of keeping one’s hands busy relaxes muscles and reduces tension which is redirected to the dough and away from you.


  • As an added benefit, the soft scents in Pinch Me were individually hand-selected as soothing and effective relaxants.

Retro • Pinch Me Therapy Dough

    • 3 oz
    • *Please note that the product does contain wheat. (If one has a sensitivity to wheat or gluten, use with caution). And while it smells divine, it is not food and should not be consumed.
    • Review by Leanne Rowe

    “This stuff has seriously changed my life. If you have bad habits such as biting your nails, smoking, pulling/twirling your hair, KNEAD this!!! (See what I did there ;) ) Like all of you know by now, I've had severe acne for many years. This has caused me to develop a really horrible and embarrassing habit of excessively picking at the skin on my face. Especially if I'm tired, stressed, or bored, or sitting at my desk doing work. I often do it without even realizing it. I have tried so many things to try and break this habit and I can honestly say that @pinchmedough is the only thing that has really helped. Oh, and the best thing? They are non toxic.”

    • Review by Janice Lynch Schuster. 

    "I've been having a couple of very stressful days after a great getaway to VA. I've been working on seeing everything from a positive angle, but today I guess I lost that. But I picked up your book and read the page about circles, and then pyramids, and in just a few minutes, felt so much better and more calm.

    So thank you. You just never know whose life you'll make better."

    • Review by Sherryl  

    “I can sum my review of this product in less than five words…..


    That’s it. This stuff is simply amazing. My usual stress reducing activity is sadly, eating potato chips. My children call chips Mom’s Stress Candy. How bad is that? Well let me tell you that this Pinch Me Therapy Dough smells so good. Not only is it relaxing to roll back and forth in my hand, it smooths the muscles and leaves my hands soft.”

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