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How many of these squares can you stamp?


Self-care is an essential component of any recovery journey.

This handmade art print includes self-care reminders such as-

breathing, movement, nature, meditation, hydration, creativity, kindness, sleep, and sunshine. 


Show yourself the love and kindness you deserve with this perfect visual reminder.

Self-Care Bingo- Art Print Postcard Décor

SKU: P-237
  • These are the most softly stunning postcards!  The perfect peaceful message in your gift box or simply sent as a thoughtful note. 

    • We will handwrite a personal message for you on the cards or leave them blank.

    Each card is hand embossed by Anna Cosma from her quaint studio in the Mecklenburg Lake District countryside of Germany.

    Finn cardboard is made of high quality natural paper and about 0.2 mm thick.

    4"x6" Postcard

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