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Our handmade 'I Love Sober You' soap is the perfect gift for an alcoholic or addict in recovery. It's a great way to celebrate a 1 year sober or sobriety anniversary and can make a meaningful AA gift for him or her.


This thoughtful recovery gift is a reminder that sobriety is beautiful and can inspire others on their journey to sobriety.

I Love Sober You | Sobriety Soaps

  • Celebrate and recognize milestones in your or your loved one's recovery with Sober Soaps. Not only does the packaging offer celebratory wishes, but the bar itself is stamped with a 'STAY CLEAN' message.

    Made with vegan oils, each bar has a unique character including color, scent, and texture. They have a rustic look! This bar has a great lather and won’t leave your skin feeling dry.

    Citrus: Lightly scented citrus with hints of sparkling bergamot.

    Woodsy:  Lightly scented with an athletic-earthy scent.  You may even detect a hint of citrus.

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