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  • GET CLEAR ON YOUR DREAMS: The Vision Board Kit is full of 700+ inspirational photographs, phrases, and images to get your creative juices flowing
  • CREATE A BALANCED LIFE: Images cover all of life’s big buckets like connection, wellness, career, mindfulness, creativity, home, and travel.
  • INCLUSIVE AND DIVERSE: It was our priority to include a wide range of body types, skin tones, and gender expressions.

The Vision Board Book: 700+ Words & Images


    • Crafted in the U.S. with quality paper and printing, this vision board book makes a great gift for the ambitious movers and shakers in your life.
    • 120 pages (60 sheets)
    • One side of each sheet features artwork, while the other side is a solid color or simple texture
    • Paper stock: 100# cover. 70# interior pages -
    • Size: 8.5x11
    • Includes vision boarding tips to get you started
  • Find inspiration from a wide variety of words and images.

    Get in touch with what “living your best life” means for you with this dreamy Vision Board Kit from Free Period Press!

    In today’s hyper-connected world, we’re constantly bombarded with messages about how we should be living our life. But when was the last time you reflected and defined your personal goals and dreams for yourself-- without the pressure of society’s expectations?

    ↠ The Vision Board Kit by Free Period Press will help you take a step back from the daily grind and create a vision for the life you want to lead. What you find might surprise you!

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