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Discover the perfect way to support and uplift a loved one in their journey towards sobriety with the We Do Recover - Inspiring Sobriety Gift Box. A powerful collection of items designed to encourage, support, and celebrate the inspiring journey of mental health, addiction recovery, and sobriety.


This one-of-a-kind collection is thoughtfully curated to provide encouragement, positivity, and motivation on the road to recovery. Each box includes carefully selected items, such as motivational books, inspiring artwork, self-care products, and wellness tools, designed to empower and reassure the recipient throughout their journey.


This thoughtfully curated box includes

- a 24 hours a day t-shirt,

- breaking chains of addiction handmade keychain

- pewter one day at a time/serenity prayer ring

- sobriety blessing necklace

- sober pal affirmation cards

- all natural sober soap, and

- a personalized greeting card.


Each item holds a special purpose in uplifting the spirit and empowering the continuous progress made in recovery.


The high-quality t-shirt embraces a positive message, while the keychain and serenity prayer ring offer daily reminders of strength and serenity. The sobriety blessing necklace is a symbol of hope and resilience, and the sober pal affirmation cards provide comfort, inspiration, and motivation. The set is completed with an all-natural, handmade sober soap that brings a touch of luxury to the daily self-care routine, and a heartfelt greeting card with a message tailored to your personal words of encouragement.

Created with love and understanding, this gift box serves as a constant reminder of hope, strength, and the ultimate goal of a healthy and sober life. Don't miss the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on someone's path to addiction recovery with this exceptional and unique present.

We Do Recover - Sobriety Gift Box Set

PriceFrom $56.00
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