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"Life is like a camera"

Focus on what's important. 

Capture the good times.

Develop from the negatives,

And if things don't work out-

Take another shot.


Founded in 2012 WishStrings® present to you a delightful range of WishStrings® Wish Bracelets. Each Tibetan Silver charm is hand strung and knotted on 30cm of the finest waxed cotton cord, making a beautiful simple bracelet to tie on as a token of love and friendship.

Camera Wish String Bracelet

    • Handmade in Carlisle, United Kingdom
    • The bracelet is made from 1mm thick, waxed cotton cord and finished with a Rhodium star bead.
    • Little Wishes cords are 35mm in length and untied, so they will fit any size of wrist. Simply remove the cord from the card and tie to secure in place, then cut off the ends.
    • Presented on a description card in a clear cellophane pouch.
    • Each bracelet comes with a little matching envelope to give as a gift.
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