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We all need tools to help us fully embrace the new way of life made possible through recovery.

Truly break the addiction cycle by uncovering the reasons for former dependencies and behaviors, discovering new perspectives, reshaping your sense of masculinity, and building the coping skills that support real physical and emotional sobriety.


Cornerstones provide the foundation for growth and strength. This collection of daily readings was designed specifically for men who are new to recovery or are working to move beyond the internal roadblocks that prevent true personal evolution in recovery. Overall health and wellness are supported by the author's artful exploration of the common aspects and archetypes of masculinity we encounter in our lives.


Complementary to working a Twelve Step program or other recovery approaches, this latest addition to Hazelden's incomparable series of daily meditation books fosters reflection, motivation, change, mindfulness, personal growth, and new definitions of manhood. Offering guidance, inspiration, spirituality, affirmation, and new definitions of manhood upon which to build a new life free from substance use and process or other addictions, each meditation in this collection was crafted to support your journey of recovery to become your best possible self.

Cornerstones- Daily Meditations For Men

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  • Published in 2018

    About the Author:
    Victor La Cerva, MD, founded New Mexico's Men's Wellness in 1984 based on a commitment to nurturing wellness in body, mind, and spirit across a strong community. A retired medical doctor board certified in pediatrics, La Cerva spent much of his career working in public health while teaching at the University of New Mexico's medical school. Dedicated to mental health initiatives, social justice, and violence education and prevention, he believes that solutions to many of our world's problems are found by strengthening what is already good within ourselves, our families, our communities, and our culture. He has delivered keynotes and workshops in every U.S. state and internationally.

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