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Unique Gifts to Strengthen Your Loved One's Recovery

Here at faith FACtORY, our products are curated with love and care by our team of recovering addicts & mental health patients who have experienced struggles themselves. We know how hard it is to stay motivated when you are struggling with addiction or mental health issues—and we want to help you find that motivation! Our products encourage you on your path to recovery and provide the tools & personalized gifts to foster that recovery at all times. Whether you have a loved one in recovery, or are on the journey yourself, we have the best products to help support and guide you through the process.


We use our collective wisdom as recovering addicts & alcoholics, mental health patients, and family members to create designs that radiate with meaning and motivation. Get inspired for some new outfit ideas at our shop and spread the message of hope. With designs tailored towards the AA/NA fellowship+mental health recovery, we are sure to have something for everybody.

Find the perfect accessory for your journey! From healing jewelry, temporary tattoos, fun slippers, to pins, rings, and charms- we have it all. Filled with uplifting messages and inspiration- our collection of accessories are the perfect way to keep you going down the right path and spread the message of hope.

Discover the power of affirmations! In one of our recent blogs, we discussed the benefits of affirmations in recovery. Choose which deck best fits your style and use the messages they hold to keep you motivated and inspired.

Guided journals and activity books are great for tracking your progress and keeping you motivated. We have many themes to choose from in our shop- including coloring books, notepads, calendars, journals, and inspirational books.

Our recovery themed greeting cards are the perfect surprise to show someone how much you love and support them. Whether your loved one recently reached a milestone or is in need of a pick-me-up, our cards will do just that. Let them know how proud you are and show them that their hard work and dedication does not go unseen.


Our exclusive collection of gifts is carefully curated by people with lived experience to help strengthen you or your loved one's recovery. We provide the best quality products, tools, and resources needed to help individuals get through their day-to-day challenges and help them feel supported in their journey. Explore our shop to find the most unique selection of gifts for recovery today and show your loved one's that you care.


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