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Acceptance And Letting Go

Recently I had a huge change happen in my life. I had the perfect plan for my future, and thought I had things all figured out. But then suddenly I was uprooted from all that I knew and was faced with two options- fight it and be upset, or let go and let God. Everything in my nature wanted to be mad at the situation and fight against it- to sit in self-pity and fear. But I knew that doing that would not serve me in any way. I've lived in that cycle long enough and knew right where it would lead me. So, I made a change right there in that moment. I accepted my circumstances and trusted in God's plan for me. Having this change of heart has opened me up to endless beauty and inner peace. I see the world differently now- all by simply letting go.

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How did I do this? Honestly, I'm not completely sure. I have known for a long time that my attitude towards life was unhealthy, but for some reason I just couldn't break out of it. I seem to only learn the hard way, as many of us do, and I think the hard hit of reality was what I needed to experience in order to make the change.

Choosing to accept things as they are and having full trust in the universe has changed my life tremendously. In just a small period of time- everything has changed for me. I no longer have to live in fear, because I know that God has me right where he needs me. Going through a period of change can be really hard to cope with, but it can also be a beautiful thing. I had to let go of the old energy in order to make room for new energy. I can see now that everything that has happened in my life was for a purpose. I've always believed that everything happens for a reason, but that saying takes on a whole new meaning for me now. Since I let go of my self-will and started living life on life's terms, I've been able to reconnect with the world around me- living in the present moment. I can see life's beauty everywhere I turn in the small mundane things. I notice things that I was blind to before when my mind was so clouded with fear, and I was trying to control every aspect of my life.


I am spiritually connected again, and I experience the synchronicity of life every day. Things flow more naturally, new opportunities have come my way, and everything is falling into place slowly but surely. All through the simple (but also very difficult) act of letting go. Pushing myself to shift my perspective took a lot of awareness and courage, but it is something we are all capable of doing if we decide we really want it. From my experience, it is well worth it.

Trust in yourself, trust in your higher power, and trust that everything is as it should be. This is the key to freedom.

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So proud of you 💖

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