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Radiate Positivity!

Wherever you go, wear this bracelet as a way to block off negative energy and welcome in good energy.


"Tie this bracelet around your wrist, close your eyes and make a wish. When the string starts to fray, you know your wish is on its way."


Mini Wishes are a fun way to give someone you care for a wish. All they have to do is make a wish and then tie the cord around their wrist. When the cord finally wears down and breaks the wish is released and will come true - so they say!

Radiate Positivity | Wish Bracelet

    • Handmade in Carlisle, United Kingdom
    • The bracelet is made from 0.5 mm thick, black cord and finished with a real crystal chip bead.
    • Little Wishes cords are 35mm in length and untied, so they will fit any size of wrist. Simply remove the cord from the card and tie to secure in place, then cut off the ends.
    • Presented on a description card in a clear cellophane pouch.
    • Each bracelet comes with a little matching envelope to give as a gift.
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